Cargo hub boosts exporters

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Farming produce exporters are perky on expanding volumes to the worldwide market after Rwanda Air presented a freight flight.

Since the public transporter, Rwanda air presented its most memorable freight flight-conveying as much as 23 tons of wares in November last year, exporters of agrarian items said the extra space will set off an expansion in volumes of items they trade.

“Our serious issue was absence of freight space which restricted the volumes we sent out. Since the freight plane was presented, we have extended our commodity volumes, and there is a major change,” said

Robert Rukundo, an exporter and leader of Rwanda Cultivation Exporters affiliation. Mr Rukundo added that the expense of transportation isreducing because of rivalry, refering to freight rates from Kigali to Europe Association and the UK markets have gone down from $200 per Kilogram to $1.8 since RwandAir presented the freight flight.

Shipping freight to Dubai remains at $1.1 per Kilogram, $1.2 to Qatar, and $1.2 to East and Focal African nations.

“There has been a slight decrease in freight rates to Europe, it very well may be nearly nothing yet it is significant, freight costs are still high yet now that we are seeing other freight carriers keen on opening tasks in Kigali rivalry will prompt better costs for us,” said Mr Rukundo, adding that the new send off of a freight center point in Kigali by Rwand Air and Qatar Aviation routes will build admittance to trade markets.

RwandAir said the recently sent off Kigali freight center point is essential for a drawn out well defined course of action for the carrier’s freight division, which has seen freight conveyed ascend by almost 26% over the most recent five years.

Since Walk 13, Qatar Aviation routes Freight has made intra-Africa administrations be-tween Kigali and Lagos (three times each week), Kigali and Johannesburg (three times each week), and a week by week administration from Istanbul by means of Doha to Kigali, all worked by a solitary wet-rented A310 200 tanker.

Rwanda Air shipped a sum of 3,744 tons of freight in 2022, with most of shipments going to Dubai, the Unified Realm, and Belgium. 3,129 out of 2019, 3,253 tons in 2020, 3,889 tons in 2021.

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