The Kenyan ladies being helped by Alnwick stoma swimmer

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Sixteen-year-old Sesita is from a clan in the Maasai Mara nature hold.

She is from a poor, country region. She has not had any admittance to tutoring and communicates in her ancestral language.

Very early on she was hitched to a lot more established man and conceived an offspring interestingly last year, when she was 15.

Her child kicked the bucket and she was so severely harmed that she needed to have two stomas to redirect her defecation and pee out through her midsection.

Sesita finds it hard to discuss what has been going on with her without crying.

In any case, she says she needed to recount her story so that individuals could comprehend that help is required for ladies like her.

She has gone through various medical procedures at the Gynocare Clinic in Eldoret.

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