Exciting New Camp in Liuwa Plain

Another camp has opened in December 2023 in Liuwa Plain Public Park, one of the most seasoned preservation regions in Africa with a set of experiences that traces all the way back to the last part of the 1800s when the Ruler of Barotseland designated his subjects as caretakers and watchmen of the land.

Dozing 18 visitors, Liuwa Camp has an intentionally light impression and is sun based fueled all through. There are seven two-man raised tents and a nuclear family that obliges four. Based on one or the other side of the primary region, the tents are concealed by jackalberries and mabola plum trees and have been situated to amplify both protection and perspectives on the waterhole and fields past. Contacts of dynamic Lozi culture are tracked down all through the feasting region, parlor and library.

You can appreciate two directed exercises a day, either going out in a game-drive vehicle or by walking to investigate the more modest animals and draw nearer to the subtleties. Make certain to take your camera and binos as the scenes and game are marvelous.

This 3 660km² / 2 274mi² park has mixed habitats of grasslands, floodplains and woodlands, all supported by the Luanginga and the Luambimba Rivers, which form part of the upper Zambezi River catchment area. This natural abundance means safari lovers can expect to experience:

  •  The second largest blue wildebeest migration on earth (after the Serengeti-Mara migration, of course, but without the crowds and vehicles.
  •  A growing predator population including lion, cheetah, spotted hyena, wild dog, striped polecat and serval.
  •  Significant breeding zone for migratory birds and home to wide diversity of species, including large populations of crowned and wattled crane. Liuwa is a recognised IBA (Important Birding Area).
  • Rich Lozi culture including the magnificent annual Kuomboka festival that honours the rising waters, as the Lozi king and queen move from the Leului Palace on the Zambezi floodplains to higher ground via a boating ceremony.

How to Get There

Access is either by road or air charter with Proflight Zambia into Kalabo Airport. Self-drivers staying at Liuwa Camp will be transferred from either the airport or Liuwa Headquarters. Vehicles can be left at either location. However, please note that a suitable 4×4 is required to access Luiwa Headquarters via the pontoon or soon-to-be completed bridge.

From Namibia: five-hour drive from Katima Mulilo border crossing

From Livingstone: 90-minute flight or eight-hour drive

From Lusaka: two-hour flight or 10-hour drive

From Kafue: seven-hour drive from the Nalusanga Gate or 90-minute flight

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