South Korean plant-based company enters alternative seafood market with tuna product

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The South Korean company, which is mainly known for its meat products, has announced its first foray into seafood.

South Korean plant-based food company Unlimeat is launching new plant-based tuna products, its first foray into alternative seafood.

Unlimeat CEO and founder Keum Chae Min announced the new line on social media channels, and said the launch is planned for August, but the company does not yet have an official launch date.

The new range is made from a soybean protein and will come in three flavors: Original, Vegetable Tuna, and Red Pepper Tuna.

The South Korea-based company is best known for its plant-based pulled pork and Korean BBQ lines, which are sold in 1,500 Albertsons supermarkets across the United States.

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