How SOMA FOUNDATION RWANDA is Improving E-Learning in Local areas of Rwanda

Soma Foundation Rwanda is an Edu-tech non-profit organization founded in 2020. It started its operation on June 21st, 2021 intending to provide easy access to high-quality education to underprivileged individuals and communities using technology.

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Soma Foundation Rwanda has two projects to make that happen; SOMABOX and Tech Assisstive.

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With the widespread transition to digital learning and work, there is a growing concern that individuals with disabilities may face exclusion if technology products and services are not both accessible and affordable. To address this issue, tools such as Key-X, Colibri, X-queeze, and A-blinx have emerged, aiming to ensure smooth digital inclusion and empower individuals with motor disabilities. Soma Foundation Rwanda is enabling the access and use of technology for persons with disabilities in emerging markets and maximizing opportunities for social and economic inclusion.

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SOMABOX project addresses the challenge of infrastructure inadequacy that limits access to quality education in under-resourced communities. The project aims to provide a library box that can be accessed with no use of the internet and it is built up with local and international content to serve the purpose of promoting universal equitable access to quality education.

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In rural areas where internet access is scarce and connectivity remains a challenge, where the whispers of connectivity echoed faintly and the internet felt like a distant dream, three community libraries in Rubavu District stood with open doors but limited access to the world of digital knowledge.

Amidst this digital desert, Soma Foundation Rwanda saw a vision. It was a vision born from understanding the struggles, the impossibilities of the lack of internet connectivity, and the high cost of access to it. We knew the hunger for knowledge echoed in these spaces, longing to be fed.


Soma and Kigali Public Library’s partnership manager to signed a long-term agreement aimed at promoting literacy in Rwanda. This partnership also ensures equal learning opportunities for people with disabilities by providing assistive technology tools to enable and enhance their learning. Together, we’re creating a brighter future for all.

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