We are acclaim vocalists yet we will not commend wrong doing

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It’s not in that frame of mind to praise anybody’s tumble from the beauty yet there are consistently exemptions throughout everyday life. We might want to join our darling President in inviting the acquiescence of International concerns and Global Relations Pastor, Hon. Stanley Kakubo with a warm heart! Not that we have anything against Kakubo; he’s a generally excellent man – he’s a rational and extremely humble man! Sadly, he ended up caught at the focal point of debate that successfully delivered his constant stay at Contract House presently not viable!

Last year, Kakubo was caught on camera leaving a Chinese manufacturing plant with a paperbag containing a “schedule and a journal.” Tragically, one more recording of him has found its direction via web-based entertainment where he’s seen getting significant installments in neighborhood and unfamiliar money for whatever exchanges! We should not be sticking our nose into Kakubo’s private concern undertakings; yet he should see the value in he is a person of note and anything that he does is probably going to have an orientation on society overall.

Truly, in this period of cutting edge innovation, couldn’t such installments have been affected by a Bank move? On the other hand, couldn’t it have been judicious to raise a few checks basically? We are not even shocked that Kakubo has in no time tracked down help in no other than Bowman Lusambo; our companions in PF are utilized to alternate routes! In the event that you tested the vast majority of them to give a record of how they gathered such a lot of abundance in record time, including President Lungu who was rejecting a living in Chawama shanty compound, you’ll run into a stopping point!

In case it wasn’t already obvious, we might want to emphasize that we’re acclaim artists yet we most certainly will not extol wrong doing! We didn’t put our lives in extreme danger freeing the halls of force of savage party frameworks, propensities for stealing and Mafias to be supplanted by a secrecy of egotistical and voracious people that won’t actually “eat” or “share the riches” with the very individuals that gave them influence! For what reason might our chiefs at any point pick a leaf from our leader who has a history of utilizing his own assets to sink boreholes in our networks and supporting weak individuals in the public eye? Obviously we are not requesting that they get things done on similar scale as the president as they might not have a similar limit but rather a basic proportion of adoration is all we are requesting!

To those couple of people who might in any case prowl in the hallways of force or for sure those known degenerate party authorities, your days are numbered. We might want to caution you to abstain from any further bad practices, right now! We know you and have dossiers on you!

To give a couple of models, subsequent to “eating” the Dark mountain in Kitwe without help from anyone else, these bad and self centered people certainly stand out to the Green mountain along the Chingola street. At the point when activities at first started at the said mine, normal individuals from people in general were basically helping something to purchase bread and butter for their families. After a short time, some known narrow minded and eager party authorities defied the Chinese purchasers of the metal while furnished to the tooth and took steps to shoot them in the event that they went on with the exchanges.

Hasn’t the President said no caderism? When did units expect the job of cops? Isn’t this Panga conduct suggestive of the PF days?

We are likewise not content with a portion of the tales emerging from the Services of Mines and Farming; a great deal of things are going on there. We will not dive into subtleties yet surrender it to the analytical wings to take care of their responsibilities.

What’s going on with individuals… … .for what reason mightn’t you at any point serve your kin with honor and industriousness?

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