Explorers share merry festive holiday insight in Rwanda

As the New Year nears, people travel to enjoy the special celebrations different countries have to offer, including Rwanda.

The New Times visited a few of Kigali’s cultural spots, where tradition and modernity mix seamlessly, leaving visitors amazed and eager to experience the same in the future. by Frank Ntarindwa

One of our underlying visits was to the Kandt House Gallery in Nyarugenge Region, Kigali City, where we experienced voyagers from Kenya. They shared their encounters, clearly depicting Rwanda’s appeal, while trading accounts of revelation and shock at Rwanda’s set of experiences and advancement.

“We came to observe Christmas in Rwanda and part of what we needed to appreciate is the historical backdrop of Rwanda, where the nation came from and what got it to where it is at this moment,” Oliver Biyogo, who is visiting Rwanda with his significant other Confidence, and kids Nancy and Andrew, told The New Times.

“The gallery is exceptionally rich, very intricate, and provides you with an order of titan from the primary German and Belgian came and the sort of modernisation that was there during that time. One of our key focus points is the capacity and flexibility of Rwandans in light of what occurred in 1994 (the Destruction against the Tutsi). It’s not extremely simple for individuals to quickly return however we discovered that humankind can in any case conquer abomination and have the option to revamp totally.”

Biyogo added: “The straightforward demonstration of neatness which can totally change a nation (Umuganda) people group work, is likewise another focal point. It is the easily overlooked details that we do which will improve the entire world.”

Recuperating and compromise are extremely strong, he said, adding: “For Kenyans, this is likewise a critical illustration of what contempt can bring, it’s feasible to accommodate and live as one major family. This is a major message that we are bringing back home.”

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