McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Can Be Made ‘Extra Crispy’ with a Simple Request

“These might be the best nuggets I’ve ever had at McDonald’s,” said one TikTok user

McDonald’s fans are testing out a special request: extra crispy chicken nuggets.

One TikTok user @xomakel2 posted about the hack in February — and now more content creators are attempting the order to see if its legitimate.

In a viral video, Tommy Winkler (@tommywinkler), who goes by The Food Guy, stitched the original video and then orders it for himself from the drive-thru window. After ordering a 10-piece McNugget normally, he asks the McDonald’s employee if he could get them “extra crispy.”

He looks inquisitively at the camera while he waits for her to respond. After a brief pause, she happily replies, “Okay.” 

When his order is ready, Winkler inspects the nuggets and is happy with what he sees. “These actually look extra crispy,” he says. His positive reviews only continue when he takes a bite.

His eyes widen when he bites into a nugget, which has an audible crunch. To prove that the one crispy nugget wasn’t a fluke, he takes approving bites of several crispy nuggets.

TikToker Kevin Uznanski (@lord_cappuccino) also tried it out. His request appeared on his order as “well done” — but the result was the same. “These might be the best nuggets I’ve ever had at McDonald’s,” he says.

McDonald’s did not respond to PEOPLE’s request to confirm the special order instructions. 

But the brand did recently drop another viral item: Squishmallows Happy Meal toys. McDonald’s started handing out 12 types of the stuffed animals on Tuesday.

The fast food joint partnered with Jazwares and Universal Music Group to add one of 12 Squishmallows to each kids meal. The lineup includes classic Squishmallow characters, like Cam and Fifi, and a special toy specific to McDonald’s: Grimace. There’s also a “surprise mystery character” for fans to uncover.

The plush goodies will be available nationwide for a limited time, while supplies last.

Earlier this year, there were two dozen “exclusive and seasonally themed” Squishmallows at participating McDonald’s in over 70 countries worldwide. 

Now each Squish mallow in the U.S. will be interactive with an attached QR code that you can scan to listen to exclusive music playlists based on the characters’ personalities.

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